Welcome to Mystic Woods Farm

Mystic Woods Farm is a family owned, pasture-based, beyond organic, local market farm  in Walker County, Alabama.

The 2015 season is underway!  We have  many things planned.

We are planning to grow (or in the process of growing):
  • Non GMO and Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables
  • Herbs for culinary and medicinal uses
  • Pasture raised chickens for eggs and meat
  • Heritage breed pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Ducks, Geese, and Guinea hens (oh my!)
  • Emus (Emooses?  Emeese?) and Alpaca's
  • Beehives for local raw honey and beeswax products
  • Wild gathered foods
Mystic Woods Farms will also be creating a variety of small batch, traditional farm crafts and goods for use and sale:
  • Assorted Canned and Dried foods, baked goods and other kitchen products
  • Herbal soaps, beauty and body care products
  • Hand forged ironwork
  • Nature crafted baskets, brooms, and other traditional goods
We are in the healing business: healing the land, healing the food, and healing the culture. 

Experience the satisfaction of knowing your food and your farmer. 
We are your good food connection.